• Hayai does not take deposits or advances of any kind. EVER.

    Since we have a bit of a waiting list for services and we'll need to sign KYC documents before we can activate your connection, your initial order will always be COD -- no payment is due until your installation is complete & services are active. Apply now!

  • Simpler plans - all plans are now 100mbit/s or better!

    All you have to do is decide on a plan which suits your usage (and you can always top up if you need to).

  • "All You Can Eat"

    Go back for seconds with Hayai Residential and Small Business
    (also available with Hayai Plus Residential and Small Business)

  • 95th percentile billing now available for **ALL** service levels!

    Find out more about 95th percentile billing

  • Living in an area we don't have wired services?

    Your society may be eligible for WTTB!