What is "Wire Speed" and what does it mean?

Wire speed is what it sounds like: the speed at which the wire between your router and our equipment operates.

What "wire speed" means in real terms varies depending on which type of network you're connected to, but typically here's what you can expect:

  • 100 mbit/s for FTTB and Hayai Plus
  • 1 gbit/s for Hayai Plus 1000 and FTTH**
  • 1 gbit/s, n*1 gbit/s, 2.5 gbit/s, n*2.5 gbit/s, 10 gbit/s or n*10 gbit/s (cumulative, with either 100mbit/s or 1gbit/s to individual users) for certain multi-tenant, business & wholesale connections

The speeds above don't mean you'll get that to every server everywhere in the world. When we offer services at "wire speed", it means we are not artificially restricting the speed between us and you - the data will simply come and go at the maximum rate that the equipment will allow. The actual speeds you get will vary due to various conditions, such as: time of day, activity on the local network, activity on the remote network, conditions and routing on networks outside of Hayai's control, where the remote host is located and so on).

**You will need a gigabit network interface to achieve gigabit speeds -- you will not get anywhere near a gigabit if you are connected to the router via wifi (even with the latest 802.11ac devices) or if you have a "fast ethernet" (100mbit/s) network interface. You'll also want to have an SSD because traditional hard drives just aren't fast enough.

Or, if you don't have gigabit ethernet or an SSD and aren't looking to upgrade, you'll be able to use several devices simultaneously at full speed and (probably) still have bandwidth to spare.

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